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Kelly Mom
Initially created in the 1990’s, Kelly Bonyata is considered one of the “Mothers of Lactation”; hands down, this website is a favorite of just about any IBCLC you encounter. Here you will find helpful information about diet/nutrition for you and baby, transition back to work, bottle introduction, infant sleep, ages and stages, breast infections, and much more.

La Leche League
The very first breastfeeding support program, and the originators of the IBCLC profession. This world-wide organization is well known for advocacy in the form of mother to mother support. In addition to the numerous articles online, the Midlands offers four meetings in multiple locations, as well as a virtual support group on Facebook.

Breastfeeding Supporters Defined
When you need help for feeding difficulties, or just want good support, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out the “alphabet soup” of qualifications and role. The site does a great job of defining “who the helpers are” and what they do.

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